Saturday, July 14, 2012

Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal Breakfast Tart with Blueberry Sauce

Here's a fun fact for everyone: I have never made a tart. I guess you could say I bake less and cook more. But, I am also a sucker for your not-so-healthy sweet breakfast and may or may not choose pie or cupcakes when they are available. THEY JUST GO SO WELL WITH COFFEE, OKAY?

But, I also like to be healthy, and those two likes don't really go together. So, what does this not-so-baker do? I set off to make a sorta-baked, sweet but healthy breakfast tart!

It's the season of berries! A perfect opportunity to play around with sweet but healthy options for your breakfast!

I discovered a berry tart on the Cilantropist's blog and decided to use that recipe as a base with the healthy breakfast option of oatmeal in mind. I wanted to combine the two ideas to come up with a tart that would be more like oatmeal but would still feel like I was eating pie!

Had I been on my A-game, these colors would have been perfect for the 4th, but I think I am still on my B-game from those Franks & Beans.

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