Monday, February 23, 2015

Peanut Sauce

If you have a peanut allergy, you may want to step away from this post, unless you are hardcore and eat peanuts just to spite your allergy.

Peanut sauce.  It's an odd one.  What can you really even say about peanut sauce?  It's muddy and delicious.  And, if you have a peanut butter addiction like me, any way that you can spread the peanut butter into the savory zone is like, really cool.

Can we also take a moment to discuss this photo shoot???  HOW DOES ONE MAKE BROWN SAUCE LOOK APPEALING? I tried all kinds of angles, accessories, backdrops, lighting, plating…but at the end of the day, it was still brown sauce.

I call it the Taco-Salad-Syndrome.  Once you’ve broken the beautiful presentation of a taco salad, especially one with refried beans and salsa in it, what you have on your plate looks, well, terrifying.  BUT, doesn’t it just taste wondrous?

Now, I could title this sauce TSS Peanut Sauce, but I’m guessing that would terrify you (especially my women readers) even more than the look of it. No?  Okay…I’ve taken it too far. Let’s just move on to the recipe.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine Linzer Cookies

The time has come, the Walrus said!

I know it's been about 139,476,000 days since I actually posted with some sort of schedule...and also 139,476,000 days since I claimed this was a new phase for LaraThalice. Well, my intentions were good and I was about to publish my next post back in December, when I took a step back. Things were too sporadic and I was making a lot of empty promises.

Now, just because I haven't been nerding-out my recipes via the cyber trails lately doesn't mean I haven't been cooking away like a mad woman! And, although my word has no meaning behind it anymore because you all hate me...I would like to officially announce the new LaraThalice. New look, new game plan, and a branch to the LaraThalice brand coming in 2016!!

For all of your patience during this ramp-up, I thought it appropriate that my first 2015 post bring you some lovin' in the food form.

Now, I've credited the hubster with numerous talents in assisting me with this blog: dish-washer, sous-chef, taste tester, and extra-camera-man-when-my-hands-are-covered-in-food. However, this post takes it to another level.

For this recipe, I was in a bind because I only own one heart cookie cutter. Apparently, in life, one should own several sizes of the same cookie cutter. So, we took a field trip down to "Pete's World" (aka- the basement) and started brainstorming. All of a sudden, he grabbed a beer out of some mystery crevice and said, "I bet the aluminum would be perfect."

And thus, a mini heart cookie cutter was born. It worked so well, I think I am going to keep it.

Now, go make these for someone you care about...yes, that can include yourself. No one is judging. participates in select affiliate advertising programs, which means that I get a commission if you decide to purchase the product after clicking on the link. But I would not share these items with you without passion behind them. I literally own every single one and I mean it when I say, I pause and stare at them longingly before using them, admiring their beauty, strength, wisdom, and skills.